Cally Ingram                     

I grew up in Washington and my heart is forever attached. My home has always been in the foothills of the Cascades. I studied sociology and education at the University of Washington Seattle. This was where I realized education was a way for me to support others, our society, and help make a differences in our world. I returned to study with the Huskies as I earned my teaching certificate at UW Bothell, and I continue to study at Teachers College, Columbia University over many summer breaks. I've earned my Masters of Education in Instructional Leadership from the UW Seattle and my National Boards Certification. I have been teaching in Northshore for eight years, and I love being a part of this supportive community!

In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors with my husband, Danny, and our dogs, Koopa & Gus. You can usually find us hiking or running somewhere out on the trails or working on our home and garden. Teaching is a great joy and privilege in my life; it is such a powerful way to help each other become resilient, empathetic, and responsible members of our society. Partnering with families is crucial in supporting students, and I am looking forward to all the memories we will have working together this year!