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We believe in providing families with the information they need to stay informed and take an active role in the education and safety of all students.

To help make you successful this section offers a wide variety of online resources for checking grades, bus routes, payments, and more.

Parents: Student information can be found by using ParentVUE. Instructions on how to sign up for use, how to use, and the link to access ParentVUE are found on this page.

Detailed Information on
How to Use ParentVUE
Detailed Information on
Using StudentVUE

ParentVue Quick Tips

A ParentVue account is made available to each parent with legal educational rights.  Parents can request an activation key letter, or assistance with their account, by emailing our Registrar at, and a response will be sent to the parent's email address on file.  

Parents will need to provide their driver's license when obtaining assistance in person at the school.

Each parent must use their own unique email address for their ParentVue account.  If parents use the same email address, they will not be able to use two individual accounts.

Get the NSD Mobile App A desktop or laptop computer is the best device to use to activate or make changes to ParentVue.  If a computer is not available, ParentVue can be accessed via a web browser (not the mobile app) on a mobile device.  After the account has been activated, the mobile device is a great application to allow quick parental review of student information. 

If a parent attempts to access ParentVue unsuccessfully 6 times, the system will lock that account.  Please contact our Registrar at to seek assistance.  The school does not have access to ParentVue passwords and in the event a parent cannot access their account, they will need to follow the steps to reset their password.

Obtain ParentVUE Activation Key

Parents will need to make a request for a 7-digit activation key to open an account.

There are two ways to obtain the activation code:

After submitting your information, please allow 2-3 days for processing your request.

Updating Contacts/Addresses

Contact Information:
Please email our Registrar with any contact information updates (email, phone, address, emergency contacts) to ensure all communications are delivered to the correct locations.

Address Changes:  
Please submit the Change of Address Form with required proof of residence to our Registrar as soon as possible to ensure all communications are delivered to the correct locations and your student's bus transportation record is updated.

If a student moves to a new address, even if it is within the Northshore Middle School boundary area (download PDF boundary map), proof of residency will need to be submitted to our Registrar.

To determine your child's attendance area, which is based on address, enter your student's grade and address into VersaTrans eLink Opens a New Window. or call the Transportation Department at 425.408.7900

If a parent who does not live with the student moves to a new location, proof of residency is not required and the parent can email the Registrar with the new information.

Please note:  Student and parent address changes cannot be processed through ParentVue.

Rebecca Mullinnix
Fax# 425-408-6702

Parent Involvement

Find out more about Volunteering.

We invite parents and community members to be involved in Northshore Middle School's academic, athletic and activity programs. Middle school is not the time to stop volunteering in your student's school. The students of parents who stay involved in school make better academic progress and have more overall school success than the students of parents who do not. Opportunities include joining Parent Partners, tutor in classrooms, help with classroom duties, assist in the health room, attendance office, main office and in the library. Parents may also help as chaperones on field trips and at dances. Call today and become a Northshore Middle School volunteer!
The Northshore Middle School Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) is a liaison between parents, students, educators, and the community. Our PTSA is committed to responding to the needs of the Northshore Middle School community through PTSA sponsored programs and activities that complement the academic curriculum. The PTSA welcomes and encourages you to become involved and to participate in any of the many fine programs offered. We provide parent information/education programs, grants for special classroom projects and staff appreciation activities. The PTSA is working hard to maintain an unbroken circle of learning and growing for our students and their families. Please join us. Call the school office for PTSA leaders’ contact information.

Resources for Parents

Helpful Links for Parents of Early Adolescents

Inside the Teen-Age Brain - How science may help explain the mysteries of the teen years.

How to be SUCCESSFUL in Middle School

Resources for Students

Google Apps - remember to use @APPS when signing in.

Password change - Use the link to go to the NSD page to change your password. Passwords must be 12-24 characters in length, cannot contain your name, or have more than 3 numbers in a row.

Lockers - Use link to see video on how to use the combination lock

  • One for each student
  • Keep belongings safe
  • Keep combination private
  • Backpacks remain in lockers
    • 3rd/6th will release 2 minutes early for first 2 weeks to allow additional time to locker/transition
    • “Backpack pass” luggage tag- allowed/given from office or case manager

Technology at NMS

Technology Use at School - The guidelines for responsible use of technology including the Responsible Use Procedure and the Opt-Out form.
Using MailFile for emailing large files
G Suite - Google Apps for Education - information for parents, students and FAQs