Visitors to NMS

Closed campus during school hours.
To ensure we maintain a secure campus, our school building, sports fields, and parking area are for school-related activities only during the school day. Only students, staff, and visitors who have checked into the office are allowed on campus during the school day.

To ensure campus security, we require all visitors to check-in at the main office before entering any other part of the school and wear a visitor badge (with the exception of attendance at school events after school).

  • Visitors are defined as anyone other than students or staff.
  • Visitors are only permitted in classrooms when it is previously arranged with the teacher.
  • Please schedule meetings with staff in advance. We welcome collaboration with parents/guardians, and see it as essential to student success. In order for us to provide our undivided attention and sufficient time, we ask that you email or call to set up a meeting at a mutually agreed-upon time.
  • Always wear a visitor badge. Just as staff are required to wear ID badges, so too is any adult entering the building during school hours.
  • If you are picking your student up from an after school activity, please arrange to meet your student in the parking lot or courtyard. For security reasons, our doors lock at 3:15. With the exception of pre-arranged meetings, sporting events, and performances, visitors are not allowed to enter the building. A list of all clubs and a contact number for the club advisor will be posted on the main entrance doors in case you need to contact your student prior to the club dismissal.