Keeping Up To Date


Current Versions: You can check to see what version of Zoom you have on your device by going to Viewing the Zoom version number and following the instructions.  To update your version of Zoom, go to Upgrade / update to the latest version and view the video. 

The current versions of Zoom in use at NMS are:

Mac (School supplied): December 21, 2020 version 5.4.7 (59780.1220) [in Self Service]
Mac (Personal): December 21, 2020 version 5.4.7 (59780.1220)
Chromebook: December 21, 2020 version 5.0.0 (4247.1220)
iOS: December 23, 2020 version 5.4.7 (59782.1220)
Android: December 21, 2020 version 5.4.7 (946)
Windows: December 21, 2020 version 5.4.7 (59784.1220) 
Linux: December 21, 2020 version 5.4.7 (57450.1220)

Students: remember to use and to use your user ID and your district password to log in to Zoom.

Please review installation instructions below specific to the type of device you use and make sure you are connected to WiFi or by direct Ethernet connection to make the update:

Chromebook Users:  The Zoom Chromebook extension updates automatically upon restart. Please log out and restart your Chromebook at your earliest convenience.

iOS and Android Device Users: Close out of Zoom, restart your device, your Zoom application will automatically update.

Mac Users (personal devices): These instructions are for students who are using a personal Mac and not using a District-supplied Mac. Open the Zoom application, you may see a banner stating that there is an update, if so click on that banner and follow the directions. 

As an alternative, select your initials from the icon in the upper right corner. From the dropdown menu select Check for Updates. If the window that opens up says Update Available, select the update button and follow the steps.

Mac Users (School supplied): The Zoom Chromebook Mac application on Student MacBooks will automatically update upon restart. Please restart your MacBook at your earliest convenience. 

Windows Users: Independently run the Zoom update on your PC when prompted by the application.  If you aren't prompted to update by the application, you can manually check for updates by clicking on your picture/initials in the upper-right corner of your Zoom window and selecting "Check for Updates."