Parking & Transportation

NMS students will need an Activity Bus Pass in order to take the Activity bus home. 
District Transportation Forms are additional forms and are available online, these are:
  • Bus Stop Change Request Form
  • Bus Stop Change Process
  • Transportation Inquiry Form
  • Permission to Release Student
  • AAP Transportation
  • EAP Transportation
  • Music Transportation Form
  • 2017-18 CTE (Satellite Program) Transportation
Please note that students are routed and assigned to buses at a single stop location based on the address they have registered at their school. Waiver students, walkers and students destined to alternate locations other than than their primary home address, e.g. daycare, split household, grandparents, are not eligible for transportation.
Students may inquire about available space on a bus by completing a Transportation Request Form. At the beginning of the school year it is necessary to wait until all eligible riders (band students, etc.) have had the opportunity to ride in order to accurately assess the number of students on a bus and available space; this cannot take place until the end of October and we ask families to be patient during this process. Completion of forms does not guarantee a bus ride or change in stop location.
Walk Paths
As outlined in School Board Policy 8100 students living within one mile of their school qualify as walkers to their school. More information about suggested walk paths is outlined here.
Below are the two suggested routes for Northshore Middle School students:

District Transportation Information

The district has a variety of transportation options based on the needs of your student. 

Bus Stop Information

Program Based Transportation:

Activity Routes
Advanced Academic Program
Before School Music Program
HiCap Elementary Program
Special Education Transportation

Please contact the transportation department with questions about your student's transportation needs.

Transportation Department

phone: 425-408-7900
fax: 425-408-7902