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Counselors are student advocates who support students throughout their middle school journey and help students prepare for high school.

Because everyone’s home and social life is different and often impacts learning, counselors are there to support students and their parents holistically, as they face personal, social, and academic challenges.

This section also covers information on testing, waivers, for students new to the district, course registration, course selection packets, district graduation requirements as well as services available to students and families. 


See Your NMS  Counselor for...

  • Academic and career planning
  • Questions about your schedule or transcript
  • Harassment/bully issues
  • Share good or bad news
  • Help with grades or teachers
  • Financial help (need supplies, help w/ fees, etc.)
  • Help communicating family problems to
  • Drug or alcohol issues
  • Help dealing with stress
  • Summer school, tutoring, honors programs
  • Help dealing with a loss or illness in the family
  • Friendship issues/ Worried about a friend
  • Struggles with family
  • Neutral adult viewpoint 
How Can I See My Counselor?
  • Fill out an appointment slip (located in the office)    
  • Stop in before or after school
  • Visit us at lunch or Titan Time
  • Email us
  • Come see us on your birthday (we have candy!)


Kristie Olsen
Counselor, Students A-G
Monday - Friday all day

Kendra Lowe
Counselor, Students H-O
Monday - Friday all day

Chase Stevens 
Counselor, Students P-Z
Monday - Friday all day

Rebecca Mullinnix
Registrar/Counseling Secretary

Parents can also make an appointment with us by calling or by email.


NMS Counselors