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Counselors are student advocates who support students throughout their middle school journey and help students prepare for high school.

Because everyone’s home and social life is different and often impacts learning, counselors are there to support students and their parents holistically, as they face personal, social, and academic challenges.

This section also covers information on testing, waivers, for students new to the district, course registration, course selection packets, district graduation requirements as well as services available to students and families. 


See Your NMS Counselor for...

  • Academic and career planning
  • Questions about your schedule or transcript
  • Harassment/bully issues
  • Share good or bad news
  • Help with grades or teachers
  • Financial help (need supplies, help w/ fees, etc.)
  • Help communicating family problems to teachers
  • Drug or alcohol issues
  • Help dealing with stress
  • Summer school, tutoring, honors programs
  • Help dealing with a loss or illness in the family
  • Friendship issues/ Worried about a friend
  • Struggles with family
  • Neutral adult viewpoint 
How Can I See My Counselor?
  • Fill out an appointment slip (located in the office)
  • Stop in before or after school
  • Visit us at lunch or Titan Time
  • Email us
  • Come see us on your birthday (we have candy!)
Parents can also make an appointment with us by calling or emailing.


Kristie Elder
Counselor, Students A-Ha
Monday - Friday all day

Kendra Lowe
Counselor, Students Hb-R
Monday - Friday all day

Hayley Ott (Azadmanesh) Counselor, Students S-Z
Monday, Thursday & Friday all day

Rebecca Mullinnix
Registrar/Counseling Secretary


NMS Counselors

Kristie Elder
Last Names A-Ha

Kristi is covering students who's last names start with A through H.

Kendra Lowe
Last Names Hb-R

Hello Northshore families! My name is Kendra Lowe and I am excited to be a part of the Northshore Middle School Community. I have quickly discovered everyone at Northshore has high expectations for students and is dedicated to supporting students in their social/academic growth and success - I love it! Prior to working at Northshore, I have worked as the school counselor at Kenmore Elementary and in the Auburn School District as well. I also taught middle school math, science and reading for 8 years prior to having children. My educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the Washington State University (Go COUGS!!!), and a Master’s degree in Education and Guidance Counseling from City University.

As a school counselor, I focus on assisting students in the development of their academic, personal, social/emotional, and career potential. At the middle school level, I believe it is critical that students develop the skills to advocate for themselves, navigate a variety of social situations, and build confidence as an individual. You will also find me diving into classroom guidance lessons, meeting with kids individually, in small groups, and partnering with staff and parents to support the development of our fine Northshore students.

Outside of school, I enjoy the outdoors, traveling, and spending quality time with my family and friends. I could not be more pleased to be living and working in a community that strives to help kids develop into kind and productive citizens!

Hayley Ott
Last Names S-Z

Haley is covering students who's last names start with S through Z.

Counseling FAQs

What does confidentiality mean?

  • When you come to see us anything you talk to us about is kept confidential.
  • This means that BY LAW we cannot and do not share the information you give us to anyone.

What exceptions are there to confidentiality?
We will need to share information with another under the following circumstances:

  • The counselor and student agree to share the information with another person.
  • The counselor is concerned that the student may cause harm to self or others.
  • The student informs the counselor of abuse, neglect, or other violation of the child protection act.

When should parents contact the School Counselor?

  • When you need assistance with educational planning.
    • Correct academic level placement
    • Honors placement
    • Extra support
  • If you would like to discuss issues:
    • If only 1 or 2 classes are affected, please contact teachers directly.
    • If 3 or more classes are affected, contact counseling.
  • If you or your student need financial assistance.
    • Free/reduced lunch
    • school supplies
    • sports fees
    • partial scholarship for field trips/events
  • You know of difficulties at home that may interfere with student's learning such as death, divorce, change in living situation or finances.
  • You need referrals for community resources.
    • child/family counseling
    • drug/alcohol counseling
    • tutoring services

When should a parent contact the teacher?
Teachers work with students daily and know their individual needs so contact your child's teacher when you need information specific to their classrooms.

  • Curriculum
  • Assignments
  • Tests/quizzes
  • Grades

Often teachers have websites that may include:

  • general information about classes they teach
  • syllabi
  • student progress reports

Email is an efficient and appropriate way to communicate with teachers

  • List of Teachers Contact Information
  • Email = (EX. Mr. Bob Titan =


It is never too early to start thinking about the future! NMS Counselors use a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate college and career curriculum called Naviance. Naviance is a web-based career portfolio that is designed to assess students learning styles, interests, and strengths, and explore careers and colleges. Students and parents have access to the NMS’s family connection website.
Check with your counselor on how to log on to Naviance.
Career Exploration Sequence for Middle School
Grade 8       
Create 8th Grade Academic Goal        
Complete Career Key Interest Inventory
Add Careers to my List
Begin Road Trip Nation: What's Your Road?
Complete Game Plan Survey
Grade 7      
Create 7th Grade Academic Goal        
Complete Career Cluster Finder
Add Careers Clusters to My List
Add Careers to My List
 Complete Learning Styles 2.0
 Grade 6     
Lookout world, here I come
 What is Naviance?
The Northshore School District is proud to partner with Naviance/Family Connection to deliver a comprehensive high school and beyond plan curriculum. Naviance/ Family Connection is a web based college and career program that is designed to assess students personalities, learning styles, interests, and strengths, explore careers, college majors, post-secondary opportunities, scholarships, and apply to colleges effectively and efficiently. 
Naviance/Family Connection also allows the schools counseling offices to submit transcripts, secondary school reports, and communicate effectively to students and parents about college visits, scholarship opportunities, and more. Students and parents access their individual accounts through their schools individual Family Connection website. The Naviance/Family Connection website for Northshore Junior High School is  
Students receive their user names and passwords from the counseling/career center office. For more information on how to access the Naviance/Family Connection site, please see your students counselor or career specialist. Some additional resources the Naviance/Family Connection program offers includes:
  • Researching local scholarship options
  • Searching and comparing colleges
  • Displaying scattergrams of historical college and admissions data
  • Registering for college visits
  • Requesting official transcripts
  • Requesting letters of recommendation
  • Applying to college using the Common Application
  • Exploring personality types and matching them with career interests
  • Researching careers
  • Creating a resume 

Graduation & College Readiness

Information for students in the Inglemoor High School feeder pattern are found on the Inglemoor site: