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Accelerated  Math Courses are offered through the Summer School.

Algebra Readiness FAQ - Information about how the district determines student readiness to take algebra coursework.

Online Textbooks

6th Grade   8th Grade
History Alive sixth grade text book   History Alive eight grade text book

6th Grade   7th Grade   8th Grade
6th Grade Mathematics online textbook   7th Grade Mathematics online textbook   8th Grade Mathematics online textbook

6th Grade   7th Grade   8th Grade   8th Grade   8th Grade
6th Grade Science Textbooks   Life Science Issues seventh grade online textbook   Earth & Space: iScience, eigth grade textbook   Catastrophic Effects, eigth grade online textbook   Earth in Science, eigth grade online textbook

Spanish Level I   French Level I
Spanish Level I online textbook   French Level I online textbook
Textbook Companion Website   Textbook Companion Website


Make-Up School Work

  • Work missed while absent (both excused and unexcused) is expected to be completed. If a student is on vacation the work should be complete upon their return. If a student is ill, they may have additional time to complete the work.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to follow-up with the teacher.
  • Please check StudentVue / ParentVue, teacher websites, Google Drive, or communicate with teachers via email for homework and information. Homework may be available for downloading & printing or can be picked up in the attendance office.
  • For pre-arranged absences, students should complete a Pre-arranged Absence Form found in the Attendance Office. Make-up work may be requested ahead of time from teachers and should be completed upon return.
  • Teachers must be given at least two full days to prepare requested homework, and it is the students' responsibility to complete the missed work.